The case for self designed clothes

self designed clothes

Zara, H&M, Gap. All other household names that make is easy to get all the latest threads. For you and a million other people. This accessibility is a good thing, don’t get us wrong. However, we all end up dressing more-or-less the same as everyone else. So how do we stand out in a sea of similar mass produced “uniforms”? We present to you, self designed clothes.

Now we are aware that not everyone can be a designer and we’re not advocating for you ending up with the equivalent of draping a bedsheet around yourself. There are in fact sites and apps dedicated to designing your own clothes. An example being Polyvore which allows you to gather a scrapbook of ideas which you can turn into your own exclusive.

Deciding what fabric to use

bvm trim and fringeOnce you have a design in mind, you can shop for whatever fabric you may need from our selection. A call to one of our representatives will point even the greenest designer with plenty of ideas to make their dreams a reality. All fibers are available, whether natural or synthetic, dyed or plain. All your fabric needs will be addressed by us for a very affordable price.

Identifying a tailor

sewing own clothesOnce you have your designs and fabric in hand, you will of course need a tailor to bring your masterpiece to life. The internet economy has fortunately made this search a much more simple process than it was a couple of years ago. You can easily find a list of local tailors, compare prices, view portfolios and share ideas within the space of an afternoon.

This of course applies to people that don’t have the skills to sew on their own. If you do then even better for you. You can maintain your creative vision from start to finish, if this is a thing that appeals to you. If however, you feel that your emotional investment into your project may blind you to imperfections, this would be a good stage to outsource.


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