The magic of lace curtains | Add a touch of elegance to your windows

Lace curtains aren’t equal

Lace curtains bring a touch of class and elegance to any room. Use of lace curtains can be dated as far back as pre-Victorian era while machine made lace to the mid-19th century. Lace refers to openwork fabric created by knitting, looping or twisting of thread using a machine or by hand. Lace can be made of cotton, rayon, polyester or basically any kind of fiber. Lace curtains are a perfect solution you are seeking privacy and style in your home.

But did you know that not all lace curtains are the same? Lace curtains can be divided into various categories depending on the technique used to make them, shades, pattern and even weave. There are different types of lace curtains in the market based on their origins. Some of the most common are French lace curtains, Irish lace curtains, Victorian lace curtains and London lace curtains.

French Lace curtains

These are made from lace whose patterns are originally from France. Examples include the Chantilly lace and Guipure lace.

Irish Lace curtains

Traces its origins to Ireland. Irish lace includes the Kenmare lace, Irish crotchet, Youghal lace and Limerick lace varieties.

Victorian Lace curtains

The patterns trace their origin to the Victorian era, between the 1830s to the 1900s. These are the lace patterns that emerged during that period particularly throughout the British Empire.

London Lace curtains

Patterns are historically and contemporary from Scotland. The laces are either woven on Madras or Nottingham looms.

Whichever type of lace curtain you chose for your home, you can be assured to achieve a simple yet elegantly beautiful and trendy look. Lace curtains are perfect for any room in your home, from the kitchen to the bedroom.


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