A serene room starts with great air quality

Before we even begin with the laces and pillows and feng shui, a room that’s is good for your well being needs air that won’t make you ill. The first step towards excellent air quality is ensuring that there are absolutely no pollutants in the air. This requires an air quality monitor. We were guided in our search for a monitor to place in our demo room by this excellent buying guide. Be sure that you can know all there is to know by spending less than 10 minutes going through this beginners’ guide.

Once your indoor air quality monitor tells you all you need to know about your home air, you can know about your next step. You may need to add an air purifier to address any issues brought to your attention from the air evaluation. In many cases, however, you may just need to open the windows.

Once you have an excellent base air freshness, you may want to add scents to your taste. The options here are literally endless. You can do aromatherapy with scented candles or obtain an essential oil diffuser. For us at BVM Trim and Fringe, this is our preferred method of adding pleasing scents. It somehow makes us feel calmer. Yes all of us would you believe. Other scent methods are of course timed perfume dispensers or indoor flowers.

Speaking of indoor plants, these should be a must for every home. Indoor plants do so much to give you excellent quality air and regulate your home climate. Not only that but they are also accessories you can arrange around the home for aesthetic value. You can read more about air purifying plants here.

Needless to say, you need to keep your room clean to maintain the air quality. Invest in a good HEPA grade vacuum cleaner to suck up all the dust from all corners in your room. Mop up regularly and as often as you can. All garbage should be discarded as fast as you can. That way the scents you want don’t get mixed up with dirty smells. That wouldn’t make for a serene room at all.

Another area you may need to look at to improve your home air quality is the HVAC system. For those that may not know, HVAC stands for ‘heating, ventilation and air conditioning’. Basically the better the air is circulated within the room, the better the air quality in that particular room shall be. Experts differ on what can be termed as acceptable air quality. However, 3 changes per hour is generally accepted as the minimum acceptable number to ensure a healthy indoor environment. This is the number of times the air in the room is completely changed. So if you live in a building with central HVAC, you can have a chat with your provider to find out just how well they circulate the air in your home. You can also find out if your HVAC uses filters to reduce contaminants in the air. This can help you save on having to buy an air purifier.

In conclusion, with just a few steps, you can make your home the serene refuge that it should be. Nobody deserves a stressful space, and now you know how to go about making your home stress-free. Have fun.


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